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Selecting the Best Undergarments: Plus Size Fashion

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Formal Dress For Women - Looking Stylish At The Office

Dress formally the right way and you can project a stylish look, that will help you get the job or promotion you crave or close an important business deal.

In work it’s so important because your look can actually make or lose you money, so you need to look your best, so here are some tip tips to make sure you knock them dead.

Getting dressed for the office doesn't mean you can’t follow fashion look stylish or develop a personalized style.

Your aim is to project a professional, competent and dynamic appearance – You mean business is the impression you are trying to create and can handle the job at hand

The style colors and fit of your clothes choices will reflect in the way other people view your ability to do your job. Below we have outlined some basic tips on how you can maximize your appearance.

1. Fit

Trousers need to be fitted and free of visible panty lines. Skirts, especially straight styles i.e. pencil skirts, should be loose enough to sit down in comfortably and not excessively tight. Clothes need to fit so be aware of size and dress within it

Jackets should to be buttoned and blouses shouldn't have gaps between buttonholes.

2. Traditional career colors include navy (trustworthy), grey (conservative) and black (chic & conservative) be careful of red especially in sales, it can be seen as aggressive and confrontational especially by other women.

Most of these colors work well in trousers, skirts and shoes and you can mix black with softer colorslike light blue, lilac, pink and stone.

Loud colors like bright pink and wild prints are more risky so be careful if you want to mix these in

3. Jewelry that jangles (hoop earrings and stacks of bangles that will indicate you are coming) are no, no. GO for minimal jewellery stud earrings or single bracelets and a nice watch.

4. Slouchy handbags look unprofessional and sloppy. Instead choose structured styles that project an organized and efficient image with sharp lines.

With other accessories don’t neglect them! Everything about you needs to project cleanliness and efficiency.

Manicured nails, run-free hose, clean polished shoes, styled hair. Make sure that everything creates the right look down to the smallest detail.

Looks never to worn to the office include:

6. Sexy clothes - Avoid - See-through garments, miniskirts, really high stilettos, designer labels and to much leather.

7. Clothes should fit correctly and avoid: wrinkled clothing, too many layers and baggy-fit clothing.

Dressing for the office is all about striking a balance between looking good stylish and also looking competent, organized and ready for business.

You can still look sexy in a subtle way, but the look is subtle and not in your face – That is the biggest mistake of all when dressing for the office.

Follow the above tips and get ready to knock them dead!

A great look will help you get ahead in your career and hopefully it will speed you along the career path you desire.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

What Plus Size Women Should Wear And Should Not Wear

By Tim Lee

Everybody wants to be fashionable. Of course, plus size women need not aspire to become popular ramp models, but they could try to be as fascinating as typical models by coming up with good decisions about what to and what not to wear.

What to wear

Stretchy pants
and drab tent dresses are considered the basic types of outfits that plus size women must have in their closets. Polyester pants are also among those basic clothings for such women. Through the years, it has been very usual to see obese women wear such clothes to play safe and avoid fashion verdicts.

But modern plus size women are turning more experimental. Fashion experts and retailers are now increasing their focus on this segment of the female population. Now, almost any type of clothes usually worn by slimmer women can be worn by plus size ones. The designs, colors and styles can be the same, but sizes make the difference.

As many experts always tell plus size women, to emerge as fashionable upon wearing an outfit or any accompanying accessories, one has to put up a good attitude and exude overwhelming confidence. Plus size women, no matter how bruised their egos and self esteems are, should also take that heed. Thus, the best thing to wear for these females when aiming to please people is a sense of confidence.

What not to wear

In the contrary, there are several types of clothes that plus size women should always resist to wear. Take note that while it is true that some clothes can look good on these women when sizes are adjusted, these casual clothes would fail to make such women visually appealing.

Denim jeans are among those clothes. Because it is considered a fashion staple, people wear jeans safely in almost any occasion. Jeans go along well with practically anything and anyone. But not with plus size women. Jeans only highlight the fatty areas of the lower part of the body.

Halter tops surely help make women feel comfortable especially during spring and summer, but they are not ideal to be worn by plus size women. Doing so would only accentuate fat bellies and sides, making the obese woman look more as an object of ridicule.

Overall, plus size women of today are very fortunate. That is because they have greater choices of what to wear and more knowledge about those outfits they can live without.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to Choose Clothing to Fit Any Body Shape!

by Nelly Willis

Your style of clothing affects your appearance. Research show that what a person wears really does make a world of difference; and, in fact influence the people around you.

When your integrity is necessary in situations such as sales presentations, job interviews and first dates or any date, it is very important to create a "good" impression.

It will be much easier to dress appropriately and appealingly when you are aware of the types of clothes that will look good on your body. For many of us, beauty and pain often walk hand in hand. Even if you are a diabetic, no worries, check out low carb diets on how even you can feel absolutely great!

Body shapes and clothes styles guidelines:

-No to high collared blouses as they shorten the appearance of the neck.

-No to tight, short sleeved, breast pocket tops as they detract from your figure.

-Shoes with straps will shorten the appearance of your legs.

-Your torso may be narrowed by belts, seam lines, collars and bows.

-Short necklaces will make the neck appear shorter.

-A belt or scarf hanging down toward your legs makes the legs seem longer.

-Vertical lines create the illusion of a thinner and slimmer body.

-Overall prints can hide figure problems, prints scattered too much can make you appear heavier.

-Prints located over the shoulders will make them appear wider. Wear prints on your assets, since they usually attract the eye.

Tips for petite women:

-Yes to vertical prints and slim belts.

-Yes to a slight dissimilarity in the colors.

-Yes to flowing and soft fabrics that fit your body well.

-No to overwhelming prints.

Tips for tall women:

-Yes to wider belts.

-No to tight dress or tops and skirts which are too long or too short.

Clothing guidelines for the hip heavy, triangle, women:

-Yes to vertical prints and lines

-Yes to V-neck tops.

-Yes to dresses with small shoulder pads.

-Yes to tailored suits, shirtwaist dresses and jackets with classic, straight cuts.
No, to bulky and stiff fabrics.

-Yes to just below the knee, skirts and dresses.

-No to pinafore skirts.

-Say no to A-line skirts.

Top heavy women:

-Long jackets and no shoulder pads are recommended. Looking great means feeling great! So, check out the secrets on how you can look and feel absolutely great at

-No to tops with ruffles or fancy details.

-No clingy fabrics for blouses. ? Wear dark colored tops.

-Yes to thin fabrics such as cotton jersey or cotton.

-Yes to one color scheme dressing.

-Yes to flat shoes.

Rectangular women:

-No to tops or jackets that hug your waist.

-Yes to patterns on tops or pants to add length.

To look good, choose clothing that is comfortable to wear so that you can carry it well!

About the Author
What are the secrets celebrities are using to shed pounds after pounds? Secrets revealed at

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Figure fixers - tips on dressing to suit your figure

Marie Claire, Dec, 2001


enhance bust


tight, low necklines that reveal a small bust.


creating curves with a cowlneck that drapes loosely over bust.

Dress, Necessary Objects by Ady Gluck-Frankel, $58.

reduce hips


body-hugging silhouettes that accentuate full hips.


full-skirted dresses with one bare shoulder to draw eyes up.

Dress, H&M, $29.

slim down


fabrics that pull and cling to your shape.


a wrap-front shirtdress that skims and flatters curves.

Dress, COG, $79.99

hide thighs


supper-short minis worn tight across legs.


a lengthier hem and halter cut to balance out lower body.

Dress, Esprit, $59.

Bibliography for "Figure fixers - tips on dressing to suit your figure"
"Figure fixers - tips on dressing to suit your figure". Marie Claire. Dec 2001. 19 Jun. 2007.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dressing for Your Holiday Office Party: What To Wear!

How to go from 9-to-5 to After-5 in A Flash!

It’s 5 o’clock – but it’s not quitting time. Instead, it’s the holiday office party . And if you're like most women it's an event that can leave you shrugging your shoulders and wondering what in the world to wear.

Complicating matters further: When you don’t have time to stop home and change – and must go right from a day behind a computer to a night of champagne cocktails.

But before try to spend the day doing spread sheets in a sequined tank top and glittery tulle skirt listen up: With just a little clever accessorizing you can turn any typical work outfit into a classy party look.

Where do you begin? By starting your day with the most basic wardrobe essentials - a black or other solid color suit or dress. Or, if you wear slacks to work, choose a pair of solid trousers and matching color sweater.

Now if you're thinking that so far, this doesn't sound very festive, hold on - because the magic is about to begin. Waving the wand is the power of accessories - the best way to go from daytime to nighttime in a flash!

To help you get started: Here are 10 super CountryDutchess tips that can turn any basic work attire into a glamorous night time look .The best part: You can carry the entire transformation in a plastic baggy stashed in your purse!

1. Never overlook the glam power of a great pair of earrings. And, the more dramatic the better. If you always wear nothing but small studs or tiny hoops, here’s a chance to wow colleagues with your style by choosing a dramatic pair of Boho chandeliers or a dressy crystal drop earring. It's instant glamour for even the simplest dress.

2. Fill in your neckline with color and light, adding either a sparkly lame scarf, or better still, a crystal necklace in a shimmering gold, silver or bright color. This will bring both light and color to your face and dramatically change your overall look.

3. If you’re not the necklace type jazz up your look with several brightly colored crystal pins. But skip the Christmas trees, wreaths that light up when you pull the string and Santa Claus faces. Instead chose one, large glistening crystal pin reminiscent of a snow flake and surround it with several smaller styles in colors that match either your earrings . . .or your eyes!

4. Bracelets can also add instant glamour but this year the look is to wear them in multiples in different textures and colors. If you start with a few crystal beaded designs, you can then add a metal bangle or a dress watch into the mix for a look that is eclectic and casual, yet festive. Push up the sleeves on your jacket or sweater, to give bracelets maximum exposure.

5. Another great “glam” look this year is matching cuff bracelets, one for each hand. To create the look for less, skip the expensive precious metal and gemstones and opt for costume cuffs set with faux stones.

6. Remember those plain black pumps that carried you up the train steps and down the hall all day long? Glam them up as well with this year’s hottest new style accessory – shoe clips! From floppy chiffon bows, to glistening crystal flowers, to tailored, gold or silver insignias, you can quickly turn a plain pump into a designer shoe - and take your entire outfit to a whole new level in the process.

7. Finish off your look with one, fabulously large cocktail ring – a great fake won on any finger. Indeed, the look this year is “You've got it, so flaunt it” style – using large center stones to create a big presence on even the tiniest of hands. But remember, just one is all you need!

8. Nothing screams “day at the office” more than a clunky, large tote bag –and it can ruin an otherwise perfect evening look. To keep that from happening, pare down the essentials you normally carry and take only the things you really need - like a driver's license, credit card, cash and keys. Then tuck in a small evening bag. When party time arrives, transfer the essentials to the smaller bag and tuck the tote in a desk drawer or locker and retrieve it the next day.

9. When it comes to glammjng up your makeup, don’t try to redo your entire face. Instead use only a few products to add accents of glamour - like a frosted lipstick, an extra coat of mascara, and just a hint of frosted powder or blush (not both) on the very tops of your cheekbones and around the perimeter of your hairline. Remember, you don’t want to look like Tinkerbell – so use a light hand.

10. For instant party hair, pick up one of those fabulous new clip-on chignons – faux hair that attaches to your own hair with a secure butterfly clip. If you have long hair, pull it back in a bun or pony tail and clip on the piece. If your hair is short, tuck in the ends with bobby pins and clip the chignon at the base of your neck , Add those glamorous earrings and you'll have instant ballerina glamour - chic, sophisticated and stylish!

by: Victoria Winston


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Prom Trends 2007: Top Prom Jewelry Looks

You’ve pored through prom magazines, hit all the hot shops and finally selected the perfect prom dress. Your shoes are gorgeous. Your date is too. You know how you’ll wear your hair and makeup, and you’ve booked your limo and decided which after-party to attend. But have you thought about your prom jewelry? If you’re like many girls, the answer is probably no.

Why is prom jewelry an afterthought for so many? Even prom checklists published in major magazines rarely include jewelry in their ‘To Do’ timelines. Strange, because jewelry can make or break your look. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Holly Golightly would have looked decidedly naked without her beautiful multi-strand pearl necklace!

When choosing the perfect prom jewelry, which, ideally, you should do weeks before your big night, there are a few things to consider. First, what style is your dress? Second, how will you wear your hair? And third, what’s your personal style? Finally, you’ll need to work within a budget that makes sense (unless you’ve been saving your babysitting money since you were 11).

Your Prom Dress

This year’s prom dresses are all about vibrant colors—bold silvery metallics and jewel tones are everywhere, and designers have shown them off dramatically on two key dress styles: the strapless and the plunging neckline. Your jewelry choice is clear here: Bold pieces are the only way to carry bold dresses. Think chandelier earrings, oversize cocktail rings, and wide cuff bracelets. One exception: Delicate pendants are hot right now, and they can work with a bold style if you pair them with dramatic earrings or a big bracelet in a similar style. For example, a lavender pearl pendant set with white gold will look stunning with a lavender or white gold cuff.

Keep things simple and keep in mind that you should choose pieces that will complement your look. For example, if you’re wearing a simple strapless sheath in a bold color, you want to accessorize with a bold piece of jewelry. But don’t overwhelm your look with jewelry in the same color as your dress—that’s too much of a good thing. Pick one or two standout pieces—both diamond jewelry and pearl jewelry will look stunning against jewel tones or metallics—such as chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring, or earrings and a cuff. Don’t do a bold necklace and chandelier earrings, however; that’s too much bling too close together.

Of course, you might choose to go with a soft and romantic dress instead of the season’s bold styles. In that case, stick to classic jewelry like pearls, diamonds and yellow gold. Consider wearing several styles for a modern look. Layer long, thin gold chain necklaces with shorter pearl strands, or wrap multiple pearl strands and gold chains around your wrist. These options are gorgeous and fresh.

Your Prom Hairstyle

If your hair is short or you’ll be wearing an updo, the sky’s the limit as far as prom earrings go. You can do a dainty stud—pearl studs and diamond studs always look classic—delicate hoops, or a long chandelier-style earring. Remember, if you choose a chandelier earring, keep your necklace simple, or don’t wear one at all. If you choose studs or small hoops you can get away with a big bold necklace, like gobstopper size faux pearls or big, chunky gemstones, or you can try the layered look. If your hair is long and you’ll be wearing it down, chandelier earrings are your best bet—it’s the only style people will actually see, and, luckily, as you’ve learned, chandelier earrings are all the rage this year. Just keep flowers and other adornments out of your hair so you won’t overwhelm your look. Remember, less is more!

Your Personal Style

If your style is more goth than Vogue, for Pete’s sake don’t get talked into wearing your grandmother’s dainty pearl necklace, your mother’s diamond pendant, or something that just isn’t you. After all, this is your big night, and you’ll have the pictures forever to remind you. Stay true to who you are and you’ll look and feel like a prom queen no matter how the voting goes.

Go Shopping

Now that you’ve examined your dress, your hair and your personal style and decided on the prom jewelry that will best accessorize your look, it’s time to go shopping. You can always hit the mall, but your best bet is to go online (unless you can raid your mother’s or sister’s jewelry box). Sites that allow you to comparison shop will let you find the pieces you love that fit into your budget. Or you can use a search engine to return multiple sites that have, say, pearl stud earrings and narrow it down by color, price, etc. Shopping online allows you to view prom jewelry such as pearl pendants, chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets and the like in just about every price bracket. It also saves time. One caveat: Only purchase jewelry from trusted stores—sites that clearly post their phone number and address and have a Verisign or other secure shopping logo. Before you buy, also check out return policies in case something is wrong with the jewelry or you just don’t like it. Many sites offer free shipping, too, which is a plus. Make sure you order in time for prom.

Last point to keep in mind when you’re buying prom jewelry: Unlike your prom dress or dyed shoes, jewelry is something you will wear throughout your life and maybe even pass down to a daughter or granddaughter. So if you splurge a bit on, say, a classic piece such as a white pearl necklace, don’t worry, you will definitely have countless opportunities to wear it throughout your life. Don’t overspend on trendy pieces, though. They’re not worth the investment. A big faux emerald cocktail ring probably won’t be in fashion forever, but good quality classic pearl pendant or pair of diamond studs will stand the test of time.

By: Amy Drescher


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